Overview of TCIT Essential Training

The Teacher-Child Interaction Essential Training Program is a comprehensive, year-long training package for professionals who are not certified in PCIT.  Individuals who are already certified in PCIT should complete the Advanced TCIT Training Package.

Essential Training to Become a Certified TCIT Coach

The Teacher-Child Interaction Training Essential Training Program is a comprehensive, year-long training package that includes:

  • 5 days (40 hours) of on-site training
  • Over 1 year (52 hours) of weekly training/consultation
  • Review and feedback of up to six, video-recorded sessions with your TCIT teachers/students
  • All TCIT Training Materials

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Essential Training Package

Individuals who are not certified PCIT therapists will receive 40 hours (5 days) of on-site professional TCIT training.  To maximize the learning and retention of important TCIT concepts/techniques, the 5-day on-site trainings are divided into two different workshops (Initial TCIT Training & Follow-Up TCIT Training). 

The Initial TCIT Training (three days) focuses on the first phase of TCIT (Child-Directed Interaction).  The Follow-Up Training (two days) is typically scheduled 8-10 weeks later will target the second phase of the TCIT Program (Teacher-Directed Interaction). 

The TCIT workshops include a wide variety of strategies (interactive presentations, demonstrations, mock classrooms, training videos, discussions, feedback) to help trainees understand the fundamental elements of TCIT.  The workshops also include frequent skills training and practice of TCIT techniques, including live practice with children.

The TCIT Training Package will include discussions (and practice) of TCIT skills for challenging circumstances which are unique to the classroom.  These discussions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Collaboration with Administration
  • Teacher Support
  • Caregiver Concerns
  • Unique Child Challenges Within the Classroom

The Initial TCIT Training Workshop (3 days) will provide professionals with the necessary skills to begin working with teachers and children immediately following the training. 

Overview of Complete TCIT Training – Initial 3-Day Workshop

Day 1:

TCIT Training Overview and Introductions
Overview of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Bringing PCIT to the Classroom: Teacher-Child Interaction Training
TCIT Site Identification & Administration Collaboration
Assessing the Quality of the Teacher-Child Interactions – Learning to Use the
Student-Teacher Interaction Coding System (TCIT Observation System)
Introduction to Child-Directed Interaction
Live Practice of Child-Directed Interaction Skills

Day 2:

Student-Teacher Interaction Coding System – Coding Practice
Introducing TCIT to Early Childhood Educators
Coaching Teachers to Use CDI Skills
CDI Skills Coaching Practice
Interactive Presentation – Frequently Asked Questions in CDI
Mock Classroom – Live CDI Skills & Coaching Practice with Children

Day 3:

Student-Teacher Interaction Coding System – Coding Practice
Caregiver Involvement in TCIT
CDI Skills Coaching Practice
CDI Coaching Challenges
CDI Quiz
Mock Classroom – Live CDI Skills & Coaching Practice with Children
Next Steps for TCIT Training

The Follow-Up TCIT Training (2 days) will give professionals the resources needed to successfully complete TCIT across classrooms.

Overview of Training – 2-Day Follow-Up Workshop

Day 4:

Introduction to Teacher-Directed Interaction
Advanced Student-Teacher Interaction Coding System Coding Practice
Teacher-Directed Interaction Skills Practice
Introduction to TDI Coding
TDI Skills Coaching Practice
Later Stages of TDI in the Classroom
Mock Classroom – Live Coaching Practice of Teacher-Directed Interaction Skills

Day 5:

TCIT & PCIT Research
Advanced Student-Teacher Interaction Coding System Coding Practice
TDI Skills Coaching Practice
Teacher-Directed Interaction Coaching Challenges
Interactive Presentation – Frequently Asked Questions in TDI
TDI Quiz
TDI Skills Check-Off
Next Steps for TCIT Certification

Weekly Web-Based Training / Consultation

The TCIT Training Package also includes over one year (approximately 15 months) of weekly web-based trainings.  The web-based meetings provide additional training time to learn and review TCIT strategies that may not have been thoroughly covered within the 5-day workshops.

In addition, these web-based meetings are designed to help problem-solve common (as well as unique) challenges that might arise within the classroom as trainees complete TCIT with their first classrooms.

At the end of 15 months, most TCIT Trainees will have completed all training requirements.  However, additional web-based trainings are available to trainees who have not completed the necessary requirements.

Review of Recorded Sessions with Teachers

In order to become a TCIT Certified Coach, trainees must have actual TCIT sessions reviewed by a TCIT Trainer.  Observations may be conducted in real-time (e.g., live sessions, telehealth) or through video recording.

As part of the TCIT Training Package, trainees will receive feedback of up to six video-recorded sessions.

TCIT-C Training Materials

  1. TCIT-C Protocol
    (Campbell, Larson, & Campbell, 2017)
    Dr. Campbell’s 2017 Teacher-Child Interaction Training Protocol.  The protocol includes detailed session outlines for every TCIT session.  The protocol also includes session forms, teacher handouts, and caregiver information.
  2. Student-Teacher Interaction Coding System (STICS) – Clinical Manual
    (Campbell, Nelson, Eyberg, Larson, & Campbell, 2017)
    The STICS is designed to measure the quality of teacher-child social interactions and behavioral changes in Teacher-Child Interaction Training.  The coding system serves as a guide for intervention decisions.  TCIT Coaches routinely use the STICS:

    1. As a Pre-Treatment assessment of teacher-child interactions (baseline data)
    2. To provide an ongoing, weekly assessment of intervention progress
    3. To evaluate outcomes across the classroom
    4. To present results to teachers and members of the administration
  3. Student-Teacher Interaction Coding System (STICS) – Clinical Workbook
    (Campbell, Larson, Campbell, & Nelson, 2017)
    The STICS Workbook was designed to accompany the content in the STICS Clinical Manual.  This workbook includes a series of exercises to help trainees master the coding guidelines for all clinical categories.
  4. TCIT Training Binder
    The TCIT Training Binder includes copies of all Workshop Training Presentations.  Additionally, the binder includes supplemental handouts and materials for classrooms.

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