Certified PCIT Individual Trainer (PCIT-IT) Requirements

Certified PCIT Individual Trainers (PCIT-IT) are practitioners who have already met the PCIT & TCIT Training Corporation credential standards as a PCIT Certified Practitioner (PCIT-CP).  These individuals have then received additional PCIT training to be qualified to teach and supervise therapists – using a co-therapy (individualized) model – at their own program or agency.  The scope of PCIT-IT trainership is limited to agency where they are employed.

Why Become Certified as a Trainer?
Certification has been developed in response to therapists, agencies, and third-party payers who have long asked how PCIT providers can document they have met a set of standards for competent delivery of the treatment. Certification is one way to promote the effective dissemination of PCIT nationally and internationally.


How Do I Apply for the PCIT Individual Trainer (PCIT-IT) Certification?

  • Complete the 40-hour Essential Training Program.
  • Complete two PCIT cases while receiving ongoing case consultation from a: (1) Certified PCIT Global Trainer (PCIT-GT); (2) Certified PCIT Site Trainer (PCIT-ST); or (3) Certified PCIT Individual Trainer (PCIT-IT);
  • Complete at least two additional PCIT cases independently.
  • Complete the 24-hour Individual Trainer Certification Program offered by the PCIT & TCIT Training Corporation.
  • Submit the PCIT Individual Trainer Application.  Please contact us for more information.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Trainer Certification?
Trainers who are certified by the PCIT & TCIT Training Program have met a number of training and competence standards that help to maintain the treatment’s effectiveness. Once you are certified, you will:

  • Be sanctioned to train PCIT therapists (using a co-therapy model) in your agency.
  • Be placed on the PCIT & TCIT Corporation website as a certified trainer so that families and other professionals can find you.
  • Be invited to join listservs with other certified trainers.
  • Receive discounts on PCIT & TCIT Continuing Education workshops and trainings.