Certified PCIT Global Trainer (PCIT-GT) Requirements

Certified PCIT Global Trainers (PCIT-GT) are practitioners who have met all of the PCIT & TCIT Training Corporation credential standards as a: (1) PCIT Certified Practitioner (PCIT-CP); (2) Certified PCIT Individual Trainer (PCIT-IT); and (3) Certified PCIT Site Trainer (PCIT-ST).  These individuals have then received additional PCIT training to be qualified to teach and supervise therapists around the world.

Training a Group

How Do I Apply for Global Trainer Certification?

  • Submit the Certified PCIT Global Trainer Application.  Please contact us for more information.

What Are Some of the Benefits of PCIT Global Trainer Certification?
Trainers who are certified by the PCIT & TCIT Training Program have met a number of training and competence standards that help to maintain the treatment’s effectiveness. Once you are certified, you will:

  • Be sanctioned to train PCIT therapists around the world.
  • Be placed on the PCIT & TCIT Training Corporation website as a certified trainer so that families and other professionals can find you.
  • Be invited to join listservs with other certified trainers.
  • Receive discounts on PCIT & TCIT Training Corporation Continuing Education workshops and trainings.