Becoming a PCIT Certification Candidate

Certification in PCIT begins with the completion of the 40-hour Essential Training Program.  PCIT Certification Candidates are individuals who have completed the initial Essential Training and are in the process of completing their first two PCIT cases (while receiving regular consultation with their PCIT Trainer).

Immediately after completion of the 40-hour training, clinicians will be placed on the PCIT & TCIT website as a PCIT Certification Candidate so that families and other professionals can find you.  Therapists can also use the PCIT Certification Candidate designation on advertising materials (e.g., email signature lines, websites, business cards). 

Click here to view the current PCIT Training Calendar (which includes virtual training options).

How Do I Apply for PCIT Certified Practitioner Credential (PCIT-CP) ?

  • Complete the 40-hour Essential Training Program.
  • Complete two PCIT cases while receiving ongoing case consultation from: (1) Certified PCIT Global Trainer (PCIT-GT); (2) Certified PCIT Site Trainer (PCIT-ST); or (3) Certified PCIT Individual Trainer (PCIT-IT);
  • Submit the PCIT Certification Application.  Please contact us for more information.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Therapist Certification?
Therapists who are certified by the PCIT & TCIT Training Corporation have met a number of training and competence standards that help to maintain the treatment’s effectiveness. Once you are certified, you will:

  • Have a certificate to provide to third-party payers that shows you have learned the current, evidence-based PCIT protocol.
  • Be placed on the PCIT & TCIT website as a PCIT Certified Practitioner so that families and other professionals can find you.
  • Be invited to join listservs with other certified practitioners.
  • Receive discounts on PCIT & TCIT Continuing Education workshops and trainings.